CoinToMine provides API access to the database with JSON responses.
API Request Limits and Allocations
To prevent server overload and provide good quality of service, CoinToMine limits the API call usage. The limits imposes time intervals for how often a client can send requests on the API. The API cache can be 300 (5 minutes) or 900 seconds (15 minutes) depending of the API. Thank you for not updating the same API more frequently because it will be useless. Interval call with valid API Key is 15 seconds. Interval call without valid API Key is 3600 seconds or 60 minutes. For API requests using private API Key, you can make up to 5760 requests per day. Authenticated requests are associated with the private API Key. This means that a user share the same quota of requests per day when they authenticate with the same API Key on different computers. For unauthenticated requests, the rate limit allows for up to 24 requests per day. Unauthenticated requests are associated with the originating IP address, and not the user making requests.
API Keys are free for Friendly Pools and Donors. To obtain an private API Key, you need to contact us on Discord with the TxID of the donation.
CoinToMine API Server

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